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UD’s “UDon’t Need It?” Program: Donating and Reusing since 2007

Upon graduation, many students will leave their regular college abode and move on to their first jobs and new challenges. They leave behind their alma mater but also lots of furniture, appliances, old electronics and even non-perishable foods. While in many cases, these objects get thrown away, only to make their way to a landfill, the University of Delaware has been running a program for 6 years now called “UDon’t Need It?”

Its purpose is to take care of reusable objects after graduation and properly dispose of them, much like an environmentally-responsible junk removal service.This program has successfully kept 500 tons of materials out of landfills, while also helping hundreds of families in need by making gently used furniture, clothing items and non-perishable foodstuffs available to them.

“UDon’t Need It?” is a great way of involving, landlords and students in the the process of becoming environmentally responsible and charitable, as well. It’s a win-win for alumni and the community they leave behind. When the items to be donated are identified, the students or landlords can take the items themselves or hire a junk removal service to transfer them to the site. Volunteers are always there to help unload large and/or heavy items.

Programs like these are very important, not just for their practical purpose, but also as an indicator of a community’s goals and focus. When a large institution, like a university, brings people together to cooperate, the results obtained can create a huge impact that reaches far beyond the locale itself.

Would your community benefit from a program like this?

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