E-Cycle Environmental embraces the vision of corporate America becoming green at all levels of their business.


E-Cycle Environmental's mission is to provide businesses with simple turn-key solutions that promote green practices throughout the work place.

Currently vast quantities of waste from the United States is exported to third world countries for recycling. In many cases the wastes are toxic and considered hazardous by the EPA. In third world countries there are no environmental laws, so things can be recycled with no regard for the health of the people or the environment. E-Cycle Environmental supports the Domestic Recycling Campaign and attempts to partner with organizations that recycle locally in the United States. Domestic Recycling is a campaign that embraces recycling in the United States because ethical and environmental methods are utilized. Domestic Recycling also helps strengthen the US's weakening economy by promoting jobs on our soil.

E-Cycle Environmental understands that the recycling industry has challenges, but believes Domestic Recycling will truly bring a better today and tomorrow.

Environmentally Conscious

E-Cycle Environmental Green Initiatives:

Carbon Offset

Our Truck Fleet is completely carbon offset with TerraPass. We also offer our clients the ability to carbon offset each aspect of their entire transaction if requested.

Recycling Consumables

We recycle all consumables in our offices. Whether its paper, plastic, or glass it gets separated and sent to the appropriate recycling facility.

Reduce, Reuse

All of our office equipment is used. Any office furniture that is worthy and can avoid landfill is reused at all or our locations.


E-Cycle Environmental was founded by two outdoors men who have a vested interest in what happens to our environment. Our organization is built and designed around solid business principles focused on supporting the planet. The environment is the driving force behind E-Cycle Environmental, thus the reason we have implemented one of the world's most environmentally friendly recycling organizations.

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