Aircraft and Airplane Recycling

Over the next 10 to 20 years the world is going to see the largest supply of decommissioned commercial aircraft become available for recycling.

It’s estimated 6,000 to 8,000 commercial aircraft are expected to be retired. The good news for the planet is 80 percent of aircraft can be recycled! Another important fact is that majority of the recyclable components on an aircraft are valuable. The parts that have the highest demand include engines, landing gear, winglets, and avionics.

E-Cycle Environmental utilizes a unique refining process in the United States that allows us to retrieve a higher return on the precious metals residing on the aviation parts. Hence we are able to offer 10-20 percent more than our competition! We will supply full payment up front, labor, and also logistics for removal.

Aircraft Recycling Services

Complete Aircraft Tear Down (your site or our site)

Engine Refining

Aircraft Part Refining

Fuselage Interior Recycling

Landing Gear Recycling

Avionics Equipment Recycling

We specialize in recycling aircraft originating from following sources; military, commercial, and refurbished. E-Cycle Environmental will also broker parts and complete airplanes that are still in working order.

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