Junk Pick Up

We will have a truck at your facility within 48 hours

E-Cycle Environmental currently services the entire West Coast and Colorado with a pick up service. We will provide all labor, logistics, and proper paper work for your pick up. Please call the office closest to you for immediate pick up.


Junk Pick Up Los Angeles - 310-637-6650

Servicing Los Angeles, Orange, Inland Empire, San Frenando, and Ventura Counties

Junk Pick Up San Diego - 760-729-8330

Servicing San Diego County

Junk Pick Up San Francisco - 510-839-5000

Servicing San Francisco, Bay Areas, and Sacramento 

Junk Pick Up Seattle - 206-382-2595

Servicing WA State and Portland, OR 

Junk Pick Up Denver - 303-623-5533

Servicing Colorado State



Call us today! 1-800-865-9137