Lead Acid Battery Recycling

The demand for battery use continues to increase every year. This is due to more and more electronic devices such as cellular phones, laptops, video cameras, battery powered tools, toys, and many other portable devices.

As this waste stream continues to grow, so does the need to make sure batteries are recycled. Many batteries contain toxic constituents such as, mercury, lead, and cadmium. Fortunately, batteries are recyclable! However, it is a very tedious and regulated process due to the high level of toxins residing within the battery cores.

E-Cycle Environmental can come to your location to pick up and recycle any type of battery chemistry. We handle large industrial batteries all the way down to the small batteries found in a watch. We have two programs that we currently supply to the residential and corporate sector.

E-Cycle Environmental Battery Recycling Programs:

Pick Up Service

On site pick up

We will come to your site and provide all of the labor, packaging, and logistics. We supply you with a bill of lading and recycling certificate.

Recycle Batteries by Mail

A On Site Turn-Key Solution

E-Cycle Environmental's goal has always been to make things easy for our customers. 

Our program was created after extensive research which quickly discovered that a majority of our customers were facing the following challenges within their battery recycling programs:

Challenges with Competing Battery Recycling Programs

  • Separating battery chemistry's. Most battery recyclers want batteries to arrive at their plant with alkaline, rechargeable, and lithium ion completely separated.
  • Proper labeling and a packaging that follow all of the EPA and DOT's strict regulations.
  • Getting proper customer service for pickups of batteries when ready to be recycled.

In response to these challenges we created our turn-key solution.

Turn-Key Battery Recycling Solution

  • Our box requires no sorting of battery chemistry. You can also put small electronic gadgets (cell phones) in the box.
  • Proper labeling and packaging that follow all of the EPA and DOT's strict regulations.
  • Prepaid shipping labels come with all the boxes via UPS.

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