Fluorescent Bulb Recycling

Light bulb technology has advanced considerably in the following two categories. The first would be that the life spans have increased immensely. A CFL (compact fluorescent light) can last up to ten times longer than a incandescent light bulb. The second place for advancement has been in energy consumption. New light technologies use 80% less energy then their predecessors.

The drawbacks are more toxins in our bulbs! The CFL bulbs use mercury as its light source. LED’s have different carcinogens like arsenic and lead inside of them. With this being said E-Cycle Environmental has put together solutions to help businesses and residents recycle ANY kind of light bulb!

We have been recycling light bulbs for many years now. We have had tremendous success because we listened to our customers.

5 Challenges Our Customers Face When Trying to Recycle Light Bulbs:

  1. Boxes to store their bulbs
  2. Time spent loading the boxes
  3. Excess bulbs
  4. Maximizing the space in the box supplied to them
  5. Dealing with mailing and shipping of the box

E-Cycle Environmental's solutions to these challenges are the following. First, boxes will be supplied to store your expired bulbs. We will also bring extra boxes to your pick up and load them for you at no extra charge for labor. We do not bill by the box. Most of our competitors charge a standard fee per box. So if you put 1 bulb in the box or a 100 the charge is the same.

With all the different bulb shapes out there it’s very difficult to load the box to its full potential. We bill by the foot or pound, so we only bill the real volume you generate. Our professionals will maximize the space in your boxes because they will load them for you. We provide a pick up service! All you need to do is call us and we will have a truck within 48 hours.

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