Environmental Consulting

E-Cycle Environmental's mission is to facilitate green practices within your company. Our professional staff is well versed in greening your organization.  Our common method of consulting is co-creation, which is working hand in hand with our customers to create a green solution that meets their needs.

Our Environmental Consultants are Experienced in:

AB 341

What is the AB 341?

AB 341 was filed with the Secretary of State on October 6, 2011 and adopted the Regulation on January 17, 2012. With AB 341 the State of California has to improve the goal of diverting 75% of solid waste from landfills by 2020.


Who needs to be in compliance?

The State of California Assembly Bill 341 (AB341) requires a business that generates more than 108 cubic feet of commercial solid waste per week shall arrange for recycling services, consistent with state or local laws or requirements.


How we can help you?

E-Cycle Environmental has a vast experience in solid waste diversion. We can provide consultation and resources to facilitate meeting the new AB 341 mandates.

Our consultants can put together the following integrated solutions

  • Creating innovative asset recovery programs through its Waste Audits and Recycling Programs.
  • Providing expert on-site consultation to plan, implement and track your recycling program. 
  • Consulting services are designed to ensure that your recycling goals are met.
  • Implementing a successful and long-term sustainability projects with proper planning, training and tracking. 

Metals Management

Opportunity: You just found out that your company has aluminum scrap which is worth a lot of money!
What type of aluminum is it???? Not knowing the exact aluminum “series” of your scrap could lose you thousands of dollars!
E-Cycle Environmental has the technology to analyze your ferrous, non-ferrous, and super alloy metals on-site. Our analyzing equipment will provide the exact chemistry of alloy that is being generated at your facility.

FACT:  Money is being lost if you do not know the exact metal chemistry of your scrap!

A huge challenge for Corporate America, Universities, and Government entities is managing your ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste streams. If you do not know what types of metals your company is scrapping it’s hard to discern if you are getting paid the right amount. E-Cycle Environmental will not only recycle your metals, but will provide complete transparency of what types of metal scrap your organization is generating. E-Cycle Environmental embraces an alloy analyzing technology that can be used at your location! This piece of equipment allows us to analyze your metal chemistry in seconds. It can measure steel, stainless steel, nickel, gold, lead, aluminum, titanium and any other metal chemistry.

Assumption: Copper is Copper...right???

You may know you have copper, however is its content 50% or 73% copper? Once we ascertain the copper content. E-Cycle Environmental can get you the right price! Your company could be missing out on a huge revenue stream, if your metals are not getting classified appropriately. One of our representatives will come on-site and walk you through all the steps to make sure your metals are giving you the correct return per commodity type and what the market can bear. Call Us Today 1-877-412-6755!!

Recycling Zero Waste to Landfill

LEED Certification - A program designed and managed by US Green Building Council (www.usgbc.org).  

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green building rating system encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.

LEED Services

  • Solid Waste
  • Green Cleaning
  • On Site and Off Site Renewable Energy
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Carbon Offset

All of E-Cycle Environmental's activities are carbon offset. Is your company looking to reduce its carbon foot print? If your company would like to carbon offset its business activities E-Cycle Environmental can help. Our environmental consultant can put together an analysis of your company's current carbon footprint and offset it with various renewable energy programs.


Is the State of California Assembly Bill 939 (AB939), which, as of today, requires that 50% of all waste be diverted from landfills. In the near future AB939 will require an increase of diversion from landfills from 50% to 75%. E-Cycle Environmental's vast experience in waste diversion can consult and provide resources to facilitate meeting the new AB939 mandates as they come to fruition. Our consultants can put together solutions that can handle just about any kind of waste stream and divert them from landfill.

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