Precious Metals Recovery and Refining

Complete Transparency

Challenge: How much precious metal do you have?

Problem: No one will tell you!! Unless you send it to them!

Solution: E-Cycle Environmental will come to your location and test your precious metals and provide a, “Content Report”. This will tell precious metal content down to the % and the plating thickness to the millimeter!

Our Precious Metal Recovery Services

Corporations, Schools, Government

E-Cycle Environmental is at your disposal

Contact us and we will send a precious metals expert immediately. Our representative will utilize a X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer Technology to ascertain what types of precious metals you have.

Residential Services (Only Servicing Southern California)

Wondering how much gold is on that old necklace, ring, or candlestick. E-Cycle Environmental can tell you in a matter of seconds. We embrace X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer Technology. Our consultant can come to your home or you can come to our Manhattan Beach office (by appointment only).  We analyze your material in matter of minutes (depending on how much you have). A schematic can then be provided of percious metal content and plating thickness.

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