Paper Shredding and Document Destruction Services

We pick up, secure, and provide certified destruction of all paper documents.

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Pick-up services

Secure Paper Bins

You can choose to have your own bins or use our secure safe locked bins prior to pick up and destruction.

Pick-up Services

We provide all of the labor and logistics for secure removal of your sensitive documents. Your pick ups can occur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending the volumes produced on site.

Certified Document Destruction

All of your sensitive material will be completely destroyed and tracked by weight. A certificate will be issued for each pick up of your material.


We implement a unique renewable energy technology that allows us to be 35-50% less in cost than our competitors. Please contact us so a specialist can go over your needs and wants. We will then supply you with a quote.

Additional Services:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Witness Destruction

We also offer other Certified Destruction services for any other type of media