Product Destruction Service Sinks Wave Runner Prototypes

Product Destruction Service Sinks Wave Runner

When one thinks about all the different types of products out there, it becomes apparent there is no cookie cutter solution for product destruction services. There could be a marble ball that has too much lead in it. Or maybe t-shirts that had the wrong logo imprinted on the shirt.

Not too long ago, one of our clients called us with an interesting product destruction challenge. Our customer is a Fortune 500 company and has used our product destruction services for years and wanted us to destroy prototypes of wave runners they had designed and built.

Before anything like a wave runner is mass produced, prototypes are made then heavily tested. Once the prototypes reach the end of their life expectancy, they cannot be resold or reused in any capacity. That would be a major liability for both the brand of the company and the safety of the vehicle user. Our customer really wanted them to go through a certified product destruction service that would be as green as possible and E-Cycle was proud to be able to do it.

Wave runners are cumbersome, awkward and are made mostly of non-recyclable material. Their tailored certified product destruction was a five-step process.

Step One: Pick-up
The first step was sending our logistics team to pick up the wave runners and get them onto the truck. Each wave runner was fork lifted onto one of 24-foot stake bed trucks.

Step Two: Dismantling 
Once we were back at the ware house, we dismantled, by hand, part of the haul interior. During this process, metal and wire was extracted for shredding.

Step Three: Minimize
The third step was using commercial power saws to chop up the wave runners into 15 pieces. The wave runner hauls are primarily formed of a durable non-recyclable plastic resin. The only option for such a material is waste-to-energy.

Step Four: Incineration
We loaded our trucks and secured the pieces for product destruction via incineration. At the waste-to-energy plant, the wave runner pieces were dumped in the incineration pit and the energy generated through the burning process was then transformed into electricity for the local power grid.

Step Five: Certify
The final step of our product destruction service is to provide a certified certificate of destruction. All the weights, materials, and product types will be listed for your tracking purposes. We can always customize this paperwork to meet specific needs your company may have.

This is one example of the many product destruction services we offer our customers. We design all of our services to meet your individual needs. Please call today if your organization needs help ensuring certified product destruction.

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