Quicker pickup of bulk garbage needed in Winnipeg

Bulky items headed that are no longer needed have a tendency to sit out for large amounts of time in Winnipeg.

This has a city councilor and citizens alike fuming. The items, mainly old furniture and junk that is too large to fit in a bin, will sit out in back alleys for a long time. While there are pickup trucks that haul away things left on the curb, citizens have noticed that there aren’t any trucks dedicated to back alley pickup.

This means that the items sitting out there turn into potential fire and injury hazards. They are also eyesores.

While there is a fee for picking up large items, citizens will often pay the fee only to have the large items still sitting out ten days later.

The city’s bulk waste contractors say they are not in breach of contract and are, in fact, picking said items well within the timeframe they state: 10 business days. They also add that many people move during the Spring, increasing the amount of junk removal services required.

Funny as it may sound, sometimes the trash haulers don’t know whether the item they’re picking up is trash or just something casually placed in the alley; they have has issues along those lines before.

One thing's for sure: large junk removal is a common issue and one that should be handled carefully in order to avoid having recyclable items end up in a landfill.

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