A true closed loop recycling process

We provide the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

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Pick-up services

Complete Destruction of Equipment

Upon arrival to our facilities your expired e-waste will be prepped for destruction then run through a shredding process. At the end of the recycling process your e-waste will be separated mechanically into individual commodity streams. Then reintroduced on the commodities market. This process guarantees no exposure to the cradle-to-grave legislation that is applicable to e-waste.

Domestic Recycling

It is very important that your e-waste is not shipped overseas. Exportation exploits labor, the environment, and exposes your company to international universal/hazardous waste laws.

Complete Hard Drive Destruction

All hard drives are shredded individually to guarantee complete destruction.

Carbon Offset

E-Cycle Environmental  is currently partnered with a third party organization that carbon offsets its activities by investing in clean energy technologies. Our partner is also involved in a number of projects reducing green house gas emissions on farms. Thus our customers can feel confident that E-Cycle Environmental is doing everything in its power to reduce your company's carbon footprint.