Your data and environmental liabilities protected

Legitimate Characteristics

Company Structure

  • Real locations
  • Employees
  • Own and operate their own trucks
  • Products brought back to one place where broken down into raw materials

Legitimate Credentials

  • Has all the necessary insurance to be in business
  • Employees are trained to handle universal/hazardous waste
  • Package and transfer equipment per DOT and DTSC Regulations
  • Provide documentation of equipment transfer (manifests, certificates of recycling, certificate of destruction, GPS Reports)

Domestic Recycling Solutions

  • Guarantee complete destruction via a shredding process
  • Guarantee no export of electronic waste to third world countries
  • Can provide facility tours and display recycling process first hand

They increase your liability exposure on all fronts

Illegitimate Characteristics

Company Structure

  • Does not have any real location
  • May only have a couple employees
  • Does not own or operate any trucks
  • Does not have full time employees

Illegitimate Credentials

  • Cannot Provide Recycling Plant Tour
  • Do not carry all the proper insurance
  • Employees are not trained to handle or package regulated wastes
  • Cannot provide all the appropriate documentation
  • Do not handle all of the labor and logistics

Corrupt Processes

  • Resells your equipment as whole or partial units
  • Sells your e-waste to the only large bulk buyers that exist (third world e-waste brokers)
  • Spread the myth that e-waste is being donated
  • Spread the myth that e-waste is being reused
  • Any e-waste that is being "donated or reused" is being broken down in a illegitimate fashion for precious metals

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