Clothing Recycling

Everyone needs to get rid of old clothes. E-Cycle Environmental can take these clothes from you and get them recycled or reused. When it comes to clothes there are a number of options in their end life. They can be donated to a local non-profit. These clothes will be put up for sale in the local community at a very low cost. Another option is your clothing can be torn apart and treated to become rags. There are businesses that use these rags for industrial purposes. If there are no domestic options for your clothing it may be bailed and sent over seas to a less fortunate area that needs any type of clothing. Finally, there is always the option of a waste to energy process. This is where your clothes are incinerated and during that process the heat creates electricity. E-Cycle Environmental goes through each option with the clothes that come into our possession. The best option is always reuse because it has the lowest impact on the environment.

Our pick up process

If you have clothes that need to be recycled please call us. We can then put you into a route for a pick up. Our crew will supply all the labor and logistics. We cannot guarantee which method of recycling mentioned above will be used. Things are always changing in the recycling industry which limits how items can be recycled. We will supply you with a recycling certificate. If you have any other questions or would like a pick up call us at 1-800-865-9137!

Broken down and turned into rags (certain businesses will then use for applying their services), they can be shipped to a third world country where any clothing is in dire need, or they can be turned

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