Toy Recycling

Whether you are a Fortune 500 with defunct toys or a resident with old toys in the garage E-Cycle Environmental has a solution for you. Toys are usually comprised of metal, plastic, and wood. The unfortunate thing is toys are small and tough take apart. There is usually very little metal residing in them. The plastic used to make toys is usually of a very low quality. What this means to us is that there is really no money in the actual recycling of your old toy. The only way to recycle toys is through a shredding process. They are much to small and of such little value that hand dismantling is much too costly. Our shredders will will break up your toys into thousands of little pieces. Then they will be sorted through an automated process. The automated process will separate the different commodities by weight, centripetal force, and magnetism. These raw materials will then be ready to be melted down and made into some new product down the road.

Junk Removal Service

We will come directly to your location. Our team will handle all the labor and logistics for the removal of your items for recycling. We will then supply you with a recycling certificate.

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