Logistic Security

E-Cycle Environmental Owns and Operates its Truck Fleet

With all of the Environmental and Data Liabilities that go along with proper disposal of your ewaste it is important to feel confident that you know who is transporting your equipment. It is very common in our industry for third party logistics to be utilized. We take pride in our fleet and trained crews that run them. Below are some things we have implemented to ensure your liabilities are protected during transit.

Locked Truck Doors

It is company policy that all doors remained locked at all times. If you have a large quantities of equipment the doors will be closed and locked in between each trip of on-site removal.

GPS Real Time Fleet Tracking

E-Cycle Environmental has an enterprise GPS tracking system that allows us to track our truck fleet real time. Our goal is to know where your equipment is at all times during the pick up and recycling process.

Proper Packaging and Shipping

Once the state categorizes something as an universal or hazardous waste they are proper shipping requirements mandated by law. Our pick up crews go through an intense training process to ensure proper packaging of your electronic waste.  Proper packaging is important because it guarantees everyone's safety. Your organization can rest assured that we will pass any surprise audit by all regulating parties, thus putting your equipment in compliance with all Department of Transportation regulations.

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