Large Equipment Recycling

Corporate America, government entities, and universities use all different types of large industrial equipment. Many times at the end-of-life these items look like a daunting task to find a junk removal service. E-Cycle Environmental specializes in putting together a solution to safely remove these items from your location and divert them from landfill. We have access to cranes, forklifts, and other heavy lifting equipment. Our team can also perform dismantling or blow torching to prep your large items for removal as well.

Recycling Process:

The first step to our recycling process is to make sure there are no hazardous, universal wastes, or liquids in your equipment. The most popular items we find prior to recycling are; batteries, light bulbs, or liquids. Once these items are removed they will be recycled as well.

The next step in the recycling process depends on the type of equipment we are recycling for you. Their may be a dismantling process. This could include our ground team using tools and blow torches to break down your equipment for recycling.

The final steps depend on what your equipment is made of and its size. If the item is the size of a car or truck it may just be put through one of our mega shredders. Another process that may take place is after the dismantling some items will be crushed, bailed, and sent away for smelting.

Every job is different when it comes to the removal of large items. Please contact us at 1-800-865-9137 and we will put together a solution to meet your requirements.

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