Recycle Office Furniture

Corporate America is continuously downsizing or up-sizing. There is always the challenge of disposing your office furniture with a junk removal service in an environmentally friendly fashion. Unfortunately, unless your office furniture is really new, there is not much of a resale market. It is also very hard to recycle as well. This is due to all the mixed materials in furniture. One piece of furniture may have treated wood, metal, and plastic. These materials have to be separated before they can be recycled.

E-Cycle Environmental was approached by many of our clients expressing the need to recycle their office furniture. Recognizing the need, E-Cycle Environmental was able to create a solution that diverts your office furniture at the end of the junk removal process.

Recycling office furniture requires these steps after junk removal:

  1. Sorting by waste stream on our trucks. All of your junk office furniture will be separated (to the best of our ability) by material type on our truck during the loading process.
  2. During this process we will look for reusable or donatable items. This rarely happens due to the non-profits being very picky.
  3. Your office furniture junk will be unloaded off the truck and crushed by forklifts and CATs.
  4. Our ground crew will then separate things by hand in more detail.
  5. At this point depending on the material it will be shredded, bailed, or sent to our waste to energy plant.

This process guarantees a 95% landfill diversion rate  customers.

Please contact us to hear more about how we recycle office furniture

We will go over the following with you:

  • How much office furniture you have for removal
  • What type of furniture you have
  • Where it’s located at your location
  • When you need to have it removed from your location

We will supply all of the labor, logistics, and removal equipment to get your items out in a professional manner.

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