File Cabinet Recycling

File cabinet removal and recycling can be tough if you don’t have the right experience and moving equipment. Fortunately, E-Cycle does, thus we make it very easy for our customers. We will come to your site and remove all your file cabinets with our dollies. It there are stairs and no elevators we have fridge dollies that will allow us to safely remove them.

Before recycling your file cabinets we will see if they are good for donation. Most are not due to the fact that since the downturn of the economy the non-profits have been inundated with them. They are also becoming obsolete as everyone stores more and more items on their computers. The resale market for file cabinets is also non-existent due to the same factors effecting donation.

File cabinets recycling is relatively simple because they are all metal. The prepping process is done by heavy equipment. They get torn, smashed, and bailed. They are then sent to a smelter to be melted down into it’s raw form.

If you would like us to remove file cabinets from your place of business please give us a call at 1-800-865-9137!

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