Industrial Equipment Recycling

Industrial equipment is usually one of those things that no one wants to deal with at the end of life. The equipment is large, heavy, and cumbersome. It usually gets put in the back of the property or darkest corner of the warehouse. E-Cycle Environmental specializes in getting your old industrial equipment off of your premise, onto a truck, and diverted from landfill. We will put together a solution that encompasses on-site dismantling,blow torching, heavy moving equipment, logistics, and recycling. We can also supply certified destruction if your equipment is proprietary.

The most popular types of industrial equipment that we run across for recycling (it is not limited to) are forklifts, stand up pallets jacks, large shipping containers, tractors, CATs, manufacturing equipment, printing presses, and PCB machines.

For the transportation of your industrial equipment we can supply all of the logistics. Anything from a bob tail to a wide load trailer. We will have the logistics team on site to load our trucks and bring them back for recycling.

For the recycling of these items there will be two solutions. Either it will be dropped on the yard and broken up mechanically. Then put through the mega shredder. The option is to hand dismantle it into smaller pieces and then have it bailed and sent away for smelting.

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