Electronic Product Destruction

E-Cycle Environmental’s specialty is electronic destruction services! Our company started as an electronic destruction and recycling company! E-Cycle Environmental can always ensure complete destruction if your organization has contaminated product, old inventory, warranty returns, or any other variation. We offer witness destruction, web cam destruction, or possibly any other personalized service needed for the destruction process.

The first step to discerning the best way to destroy your product is to understand the material composition. What type of electronics do you have? What is their functionality purpose? This information can really help in creating the right shredding process for your product. We also need to know if there are any other materials residing in the product? Are any textile materials mixed in as well? Does it contain any batteries, light bulbs, or liquids? No matter what, if there batteries, light bulbs, or liquids they will have to be removed prior to the product destruction process. These are all big questions that will determine cost and the final recommended solution.

After we understand the composition of your product, our consultants need to know how it’s packaged. The reason for this is that many times before things are destroyed they may need to be removed from the packaging.

Many people feel that their, “electronic product” is worth something because it is made out of all different types of metals. While there may be some recoverable value from your electronic product their are also toxins in it as well. It is very common to find lead, mercury, or cadmium (to name a few) in electronics. All these materials need to be treated as a hazardous waste at the end of the destruction process. Safety precautions need to be implemented to protect our employees from these harmful toxins during the recycling process as well. E-Cycle Environmental also does the destruction process domestically in the United States. So we adhere to all federal and state guidelines. This means to our customer that your electronics will be handled and processed in a humane way and NOT exported to a third world country.

Finally, the logistics will need to be understood. Are these items in a roll off bin, warehouse, office space, packed in boxes, or wrapped on pallets? Do you have forklifts available or pallet jacks. Are there loading docks? After these questions are answered, we will put together the trucks and moving equipment to remove the products out of your location. We have all the apparatus to handle any type of situation.

Once all of these topics are covered we will most likely recommend our shredding process for destruction. Through the shredding process your material will be completely destroyed thus waiving any liabilities your organization has to the material. We will provide a certified product destruction certificate, weight receipts, and recycling certificates. If your organization is seeking some other form of documentation please do not hesitate to ask. We build all of our solutions around our customers needs and wants.

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