Wood Product Destruction

E-Cycle Environmental can always ensure complete destruction if your organization has contaminated product, old inventory, warranty returns, or any other variation. There are a few different options when performing a product destruction service for products that consist wood. Keep in mind that product destruction is always different due to packaging, logistics, and composition of product material. So in many cases there is not one solution. All the options will be weighed to create the optimal product destruction program for your organization.

The first step to discerning the best way to destroy your product is to understand the material composition. What type of wood do you have? Are there moving parts? If so, are there metals residing in the product? Are any textile materials mixed in as well? Are there any electronics or wires? Does it contain any batteries, light bulbs, or liquids. No matter what, if there batteries, light bulbs, or liquids they will have to be removed prior to the product destruction process. These are all big questions that will determine cost and the final recommended solution.

After we understand the composition of your product, our consultants need to know how it’s packaged. The reason for this is that when things are destroyed it is usually broken down to be recycled. The cleaner the material (or the more of one kind of material in the product) the lower the cost. So our consultants will find out how and what packages the product. We will need to know package material composition and the number of units in each. From this point, E-Cycle Environmental will recommend whether we un-package your material prior to the destruction.

Finally, the logistics will need to be understood. Are these items in a roll off bin, warehouse, office space, packed in boxes, or wrapped on pallets? Do you have forklifts available or pallet jacks. Are there loading docks? After these questions are answered, we will put together the trucks and moving equipment to remove the products out of your location. We have all the apparatus to handle any type of situation.

Once all of these topics are covered we will most likely recommend a variation of destruction processes. Something unique to wood is that sometimes parts of it can be reusable. If there is a way that E-Cycle can eradicate your company’s “liabilities” parts of your wooden product might be able to be reused without much processing. Of course this is contingent upon your company’s product destruction policies. In most cases “reuse” will have the lowest impact on the environment and expense to your company. If the wood is a “compressed wood” there are no recycling options. It will either go for a shredding process or incineration. At this point we will need to decide what has the lowest cost and what your company’s environmental objectives are for your product destruction. If the wood is shredding it will be used as a mulch or landfill cover. The incineration type will either be waste-to-energy or pure incineration. E-Cycle will always push for waste-to-energy because at least the destruction process will generate electricity for the local power grid.

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