Honda Product Destruction

Honda does not only make cars but many other vehicles as well. Before any one of their vehicles hit the production line they are heavily tested as prototypes. Every prototype needs to go through a product destruction process at the end of life. There are way too many liable and proprietary exposures that create the need for certified destruction.

One of the different kinds of vehicles they have that cannot go through a car shredding product destruction process are wave runners. Wave Runners are made of a non-recyclable material. They are also very cumbersome and awkward.

Honda was having a really difficult time finding the ability to destroy these in an environmentally friendly way. It’s rare for E-Cycle Environmental to walk away from an opportunity, so when purposed to find an environmental product destruction solution we figured out a way!

It was a four step process. The first step was sending out our logistics team to perform the pick up and get it onto the truck. Each wave runner was fork lifted onto one of 24 foot stake bed trucks. The next step was getting back to the ware house, where we partly hand dismantled the haul interior. During this process metal and wire was extracted for a shredding process. The third step was taking commercial power saws which allowed us to chop up the wave runners into 15 pieces. The wave runner hauls are primarily formed of a durable non-recyclable plastic resin. The only option for such a material is waste-to-energy. The final step was loading our trucks and securing the pieces for product destruction via incineration. At the waste-to-energy plant the wave runner pieces were dumped in the incineration pit. The energy generated through the burning process was then transformed into electricity for the local power grid.

The final piece to our product destruction service is providing a certified certificate of destruction. This certificate will guarantee destruction of your product. All the weights, materials, and product types will be listed for your tracking purposes. We can always customize this paperwork to meet specific needs your company may have.

This is one example of many product destruction services we offer our customers. We design all of our services to meet you individual needs. Please call today if your organization needs help ensuring certified product destruction. 1-800-865-9137

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