US Marshall Service

The US Marshall Service called us with an interesting challenge. They had confiscated 11,000 lbs of counterfeit Armani products at the Oakland port in California. They needed to make sure that the items were completely destroyed. They had been trying to find a service to do this for them, but they had some very specific product destruction needs that no one could fulfill. E-Cycle Environmental put together a customized solution to ensure that all of their needs could be filled. The first challenge the US Marshalls had in their product destruction job was a they needed a really early pick up in the AM. They also needed labor to load the trucks. E-Cycle Environmental can put together a crew for any time and day of the week.

The next challenge they had was finding an organization that would allow them to follow their trucks to the destruction site. E-Cycle Environmental allowed the US Marshalls to escort them to the destruction site. The US Marshalls wanted to make sure that the trucks did not take any detours on the way to product destruction.

Upon arrival they wanted to personally witness all the items coming off the truck and go straight to destruction. E-Cycle let their personnel watch every step of the unloading process.

The final goal of the US Marshalls was to destroy this “merchandise” in an environmentally friendly fashion. After going over different options, the most cost and environmentally effective way for disposal was doing a waste-to-energy process. So they watched as everything was dumped into the incinerator to be turned into electricity for the local power grid.

E-Cycle Environmental then followed up with paperwork that tracked everything by weight from point A to point B. They were also supplied with Certified Product Destruction Certificates.

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