Namco Product Destruction

Namco Product Destruction - Electronics
Namco called us with a huge problem. They had 5,270 units or 57,000lbs of a faulty product. They had to make sure that their product was completely destroyed. The product was a mixture of plastic, metal, and electronics. They were extremely happy to find E-Cycle Environmental because it had been hard to find product destruction service for electronics.

The first step was getting the product to our plant. Due to the bulky packaging it took three semi loads to move all the product. All of their units were completely packaged and ready for retail sale. Also each unit had a battery residing inside of it. We recommended a shredding process. However, all the units had to be unpackaged prior to shredding. Also the battery had to be taken out of each unit as well. We had a huge labor crew go through the product. One team took off the packaging, which was a cardboard box. Within the cardboard box was styrofoam that had to be separated as well. Then the batteries had to be taken out. The batteries were sealed in the product by a screw. So each of the 5,270 units had to be unscrewed with a screw driver. Then the battery was removed. All of the packaging and batteries were recycled in this process as well.

The units were now ready for the shredding process. The units were fed into the shredder. Namco did not ask to be present for the shredding, but were able to watch via the web. We were able to supply an online web portal that allowed them to watch the faulty product being destroyed.

At the end of the processing a certificate of destruction was created for Namco. It tracked everything by weight and broke down the different constituent streams created through the shredding process.

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